History of YSC

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The Youth Science Center (YSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving math and science education. Manned mostly by parent and teacher volunteers, it was first founded in Fullerton in 1962 and moved to its present location in Hacienda Heights in 1984. In June 2014 the site at Wedgeworth School was closed and the YSC moved to
Bixby Elementary/ Operations at Bixby began in late 2014..

The mission of the Youth Science Center is to inform, instruct and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the excitement of science and technology through exhibits and programs that promote learning through interaction.

Throughout the year, the Youth Science Center Operates a hands-on science learning center. Visitors are welcome and there is no admission charge.

YSC offers a highly-rated noteworthy summer program, with classes taught by some of the best math, science, and technology instructors in the East San Gabriel Valley.

YSC sponsors field trips throughout the year, usually with group discounts and behind-the-scenes looks not available to the general public. Most recently, YSC visited the Jet Propulsion lab to get a private tour of the museum, Mission control, and space assembly area.

YSC is a resource for parents and teachers. YSC maintains a store, and a video and book library.

Through its bi-monthly newsletter, the Antenna, YSC informs members of local events and education issues. YSC promotes parent and community involvement. Local businesses have supported YSC by giving grants and donating resources, as well as giving discounts to YSC members.