People & Human Interest Stories

Chessmasters Shows Kids All The Right Moves (12/5/03)

Last summer’s Chessmasters classes proved to be a big hit with the kids.

Science Fair Project Overwhelms Computer (5/1/03)

A Girl’s E-Mail Experiment Clogs In-Box for Weeks; Update on the Reindeer; If you’re thinking of doing an Internet e-mail science fair project: Don’t do it.

BLASTOFF Aboard Atlantis! (From the February 2003 California Monthly)

Cal graduate Rex Walheim flew aboard the Atlantis in April 2002 as a member of mission STS-110.

Teacher Visits Japanese School (02/03)

As a recipient of a Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program, I recently visited Japan for three weeks with 200 other educators from all over the United States. The Japanese government sponsors this program to promote education.